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Corporate Wellness

Keep your employees in top health with corporate wellness programs – IV Therapy Infusions + Vitamin Booster Shots customised for your company.

Corporate Wellness Programmes

Every company and employee has different health needs and goals.


We work with your company to create custom programs that combine IV infusions and wellness partnerships to address a wide range of health goals.

Let’s work together to find the best plan for your company to improve employee wellness both in and out of the workplace.

Benefits of our corporate wellness programmes include:

  • IV treatments and B12 shots to support immune function, improve energy levels, reduce the frequency of illness in your office, and support top-notch productivity year-round

  • Flu shot and immune optimisation services provided by our wellness practitioners 

  • Weekly, monthly, and bi-monthly programs tailored for your company

  • Discounted rates for in-home IV treatments for all employees

  • Pop-up events with IV drip stations for corporate days

At Work
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